Fight or flight?

My boyfriend asked me yesterday, after sharing my dream with him, how often I fly in my dreams. This I thought was a highly interesting question, for two reasons. Firstly it seems as a very common dream among the general population to dream about flying. Why is that? Secondly, I used to dream about flying at least 50% of my dreams up until just a couple of years ago when my “flying-dream” suddenly came to a stop. And why is that?


Is flying something to do with us humans wanting to be able to observe things from a greater distance, get a good overview and all angles on something? One of the many “powers” we human being have not evolved to be able to do, fly, and therefore always long to experience the flights as we everyday see birds do. Or is it simply metaphorical? Flying from our problems, or trying to get the bigger picture on some situation?


Speaking from my own experiences I used to dream about flying constantly. Not through the means of an object (as a plane etc) but using my own arms. In nightmares I would either fly to escape a situation, fly to save someone or I would simply watch a terrible incident from above and not dare save the victim, but just watch the gruecome acts. In dreams I would for instance fly in secrecy after everyone in my dream had gone to bed or left some place and explore new places or just escape my “dream-reality”. How absurd does that not sound? It is one thing to escape your current reality through for instance dreaming but since when do you even want to escape your dream environment? Hm.


Any ideas?


I also really wonder why my flying dreams came to an end? It was around the time where I had finished university and got my first job. Perhaps I then felt satisfied and was not “on the run” or stressed about my life situation in the same way? Maybe I felt I had nothing more to “flee from” or that I did not need to “save myself” (as I kept using flying to save others in my dream?)?

It will be very interesting to see if these dreams will reappear in a near future.


How often do you dream about flying? Is it mainly in dreams or nightmares? Exploring or escaping?


Materials in dreams

What are your takes on materials presented in dreams? Object can be one thing and have a big symbolic meaning (or so I would like to think). And as discussed in an earlier post colours seem as they can also mean something. But what about materials?


Last night I dreamt my two closest friends had rented a house in Bali in a place apparently called Tuli? On a peninsula, by the beach anyhow. They asked us to come visit and join them but that there was no room for us (my boyfriend and I) in the house so we had to stay at a hotel nearby. We booked and when going to fly down there no one wanted to fly with me so I took a separate flight down. I sat in a kind of “cabin room” where there were seats for around 20 people. I was the only one there for the first part of the flight. Halfway through we were going to do a landing to pick up more passengers. The first part of the flight I sat completely naked as I was all alone and I so clearly remember what a hassle it was and the frustration I felt having to get dressed for the middle landing as I was to have company in my “cabin” section.

As I arrived to Bali I remember only 2 concrete situations. The first one where I went paragliding and was just looking over the city flying around. The second was more strange. I was (with my friends) decorating 3 Christmas trees whereof 2 were plastic and 1 in glass (completely in glass, but looked like a real tree plant until you touched it). Aparently we were to keep one of the plastic ones and sell the glass one…


As I woke up I tried to understand why the relevance of the glass seemed to be such a central moment in my dream? I remember touching and listening to the sound it made when my nails touched it to make sure it really was glass.

Perhaps as my boyfriend is a glassblower? Or more symbolically as glass is transparent (highlighting the same symbolism as the fact that I was naked, exposed, on the airplane?). Or that glass is very fragile and delicate?


If so, then is it reflecting me currently? Am I scared of being exposed? Am I in a delicate fragile situation? Stressed?


Honestly I think I am more stressing for others in my surrounding currently than myself.


Any ideas?


(an artpiece made only in candy)

Dream in Black & White?

My grandma was talking to me the other day about black and white movies and photographies and how she misses all those old movies.

I started to think about dreams, and I forgot to ask her, has she ever dreamt in black and white? Does anyone?

As I came home I looked up some studies and reports and on other blogs where apparently it is not as uncommon as you may think that people actually dream in black and white. Though it seems to be most common for people who watched black and white movies and media, than the current younger generations, which to me also would make sense. Of course I can imagine that certain parts of dreams where some aspects and locations are not very relevant to the story line may be remembered as colourless, as compared to certain central objects where the colour played an important role.

Have you ever dreamt in black and white? 

I cannot recall myself ever having dreamt in black and white though as mentioned above colourless buildings and streets have been present in the backgrounds sometimes. Maybe it also sets the mood or atmosphere? Dark, cold, gloomy?


Cheap or cautious?

Here’s a dream I had earlier. It seems to be an ongoing theme that I am being cheap to myself and others? Read and see what you would interpret from this dream…

It all started with a skiing trip. My neighbour (let us call her Rose) and my boyfriend (let’s call him Henrik here) included. Before heading up to the alps to stay at my boyfriends cottage, we are down in the town and I’m asked to go buy a pack of milk for our coffee time. I walk alone to the store, scan the milk shelf to find the cheapest I can find and end up buy the cheapest milk, 5 cents difference. Felt like a good saving. Whilst walking up to the counter to pay I spot a “bargain, lowered prices” corner by the vegetable section. They have cola zero for only 1€ each and grapes for 1€. I pick up 5 colas but then put 3 of them back on the rack. 2 is enough I tell myself.  I then realise we are having a wine & cheese evening in the mountains and everyone has to contribute with something. I straight away think that buying the grapes now would be a great contribution from my side and a cheap way out. But after picking up the grapes I notice that there was a good reason why they were being sold cheap as half of them were no longer a bright green colour but rather mushy and brown.

We have our coffee, milk and pastries Henriks maid starts clearing the table along with the milk I bought and brings it all back to Henriks place, before we had a chance to drink it all up. I feel the milk was so expensive that I have to go back and get it before we take off into the mountains. I manage to sneak into the apartment whilst it was unlocked. However as I am making my way around the corner towards the kitchen two pair of squinting eyes look straight at me. I freeze for a moment and quickly make up an excuse that I forgot a sock in his room. She looks sceptically at me but nods her head slowly. I go into his room, find and steal the key, open his window, then lock the door to his room (this will all later in the story not actually have played any meaning as I never ended up going back through the window for the milk…).

We now travel up to the mountains and manage to ski for one whole day, but half of us thought the ski passes were too expensive to ski more days.

Rose, her brother and I then take an evening walk in the mountain village (where there was no snow). All roads are cobblestone. Along the main road I see a 1€ coin glimmering on the sidewalk. I look around and then quickly and sneakily pick it up and place it in my pocket. As we continue walking I then find yet another coin, and another… and it’s not only euros anymore. I find myself finding Swedish crowns. I feel slightly guilty and egocentric taking all the money for myself so I pretend as I see the first coin and point to Rose’s brother. He gets very exited and picks up a few of the coins lying in the spot. Slightly further ahead I then start to find absurd amounts of money and a few of them are now as big as an apple in diameter and it says “jubilee” on them. On our right we pass a park with a fence around it. On the fence I see two briefcases. I panik. My breath speeds up, my pupils dilate, my muscles stiffen. What if they all belong to this guy who is soon back for his briefcases and he realises I have stolen all his money???

Just as my previous dream it ends in a dramatic scene where I panic that someone will find out I stole something. What does this mean? Have I done something illegal?

REM and Non-REM sleep

It has been said that we all dream around 3-6hours per night and that each dream lasts around 5-20 minutes.

There are two types of dreams: REM sleep and non-REM sleep. REM sleep accounts for around 20-25% of your night’s sleep and seems to only occur in mammals from studies. REM sleep occurs as signals from the inner base brain region called the pons travel to the thalamus and then back to the outer region called the cerebral cortex which is vital for organizing information and therefore learning and thinking. It is also during REM sleep where many proteins are made. The pons region also causes a temporary paralysis during your REM sleep as it sends signals to shut off spinal cord neurons that would otherwise cause you to act out your dreams. There are diseases where these signals are not inhibited and dreams are acted out which can cause very dangerous situations.

As the cerebral cortex is involved it is believed REM sleep is important for children to learn whilst they are young as many studies revealed how infants spend many more hours in REM sleep than grown-ups. Another study showed also the importance of REM sleep for learning certain skills as after being deprived of either non-REM or REM sleep after being taught a new skill, only the individuals deprived of REM sleep could not recall it the next day. 

An idea might be (believed by some) that as signals are received by the cortex, which always tried to organize information, it tries to make sense of all these messages and thereby creates a dream story.

What do you think?

I also find it highly interesting that most mammals have REM sleep. This indicates that my sisters dog for instance also has dreams. I often see her running around and barking or talking in her sleep. My sister mentioned to me she had read somewhere how dogs dream more about smells and emotional feelings; how they feel about frustration towards their owner, how much they love them or that they are hungry, however according to this study she read they apparently do not dream very much from a sight sense perspective. I myself hardly ever recall sounds and feelings but mostly my sight sense. But perhaps people with different limitations in life (such as the blind) dream more frequently with different senses?

Political dreams?

My first blog post. A little scary I must say. Recently I have been dreaming a lot about Stockholm (where I am currently living) and many of the locations I have been dreaming about will be mentioned. Perhaps remembering specific places is significant in my dreams at the moment? As I do not always recall specific locations.

I have 2 recalled dreams from the other night. The first is unfortunately mostly blurry though I remember the last scene, whereas my last dream is still crystal clear.

Dream 1 (the last scene I recall):

Sitting on the blue-line subway in Stockholm from Hjulsta to Fridhemsplan, zoned out in a bubble, my mind rabbling and repeating random words, numbers and phrases over and over again like a robot. I guess that is how, stepping out of the subway after not having been very attentive to my surroundings, I sudden jump in my heart rate occurs as I realise I am all alone. The platform is empty and dark. I spin around myself twice, and still, no one. I feel a sudden chill running down my spine and my body tensing up. I take one, then two steps forwards towards the exit. I clench my fists together and look at the art on the subway walls around me, splattered colours of paint on the grey background surface.  

I keep walking ahead, my eyes quickly  moving back and forth to detect any movements. Out of nowhere as I turn the corner up to the escalator dussins of military dressed men have their guns pointed straight at me, with the red aiming laser shining on my stomach, chest and face. I freeze. Stop breathing. 

A wave of calming and pacifying feeling flushes over me and the biggest alleviating feeling as I realise that OF COURSE…. it is one of these military training anti-terrorist days. Testing the fast responses if a sudden raid is to be made. It’s so early in the morning, around 5am, so no wonder I am the only one out there. This is to become part of the normal daily scenes for the citizens of Stockholm in the near future. So with a confident posture and feeling I fearlessly strut upp the corridor with all eyes and weapons pointed at me.

Once again I feel a paralysing cold shower flowing down my head, spine and down to my feet. What if they will frisk me and find illegal things I am coincidently in possession of today?

Could this possibly reflect some inner thoughts on the new political situations in the world? Terrorist attacks, Trump along with other more radical political situations that are on the uprise?

Could the blue subway colour be of some importance (political right wing?)? Or the grey walls in the subway, with the spattered pain in various colours (just as gun shot blood splatter?)? The subway scenery in general?

What illegal object was I in possession of? Does my subconscious think I have done something I shouldn’t have in real life and I’m scared I will get caught?

Do you also dream of political situations?

My next post I will share my more detailed dream with a completely different theme. A dream where I will expose and reveal more about my personal self to you. A side I am not always so proud of, but I guess that may be a reason my dreams are trying to deal with it or at least remind me of them?