Fight or flight?

My boyfriend asked me yesterday, after sharing my dream with him, how often I fly in my dreams. This I thought was a highly interesting question, for two reasons. Firstly it seems as a very common dream among the general population to dream about flying. Why is that? Secondly, I used to dream about flying at least 50% of my dreams up until just a couple of years ago when my “flying-dream” suddenly came to a stop. And why is that?


Is flying something to do with us humans wanting to be able to observe things from a greater distance, get a good overview and all angles on something? One of the many “powers” we human being have not evolved to be able to do, fly, and therefore always long to experience the flights as we everyday see birds do. Or is it simply metaphorical? Flying from our problems, or trying to get the bigger picture on some situation?


Speaking from my own experiences I used to dream about flying constantly. Not through the means of an object (as a plane etc) but using my own arms. In nightmares I would either fly to escape a situation, fly to save someone or I would simply watch a terrible incident from above and not dare save the victim, but just watch the gruecome acts. In dreams I would for instance fly in secrecy after everyone in my dream had gone to bed or left some place and explore new places or just escape my “dream-reality”. How absurd does that not sound? It is one thing to escape your current reality through for instance dreaming but since when do you even want to escape your dream environment? Hm.


Any ideas?


I also really wonder why my flying dreams came to an end? It was around the time where I had finished university and got my first job. Perhaps I then felt satisfied and was not “on the run” or stressed about my life situation in the same way? Maybe I felt I had nothing more to “flee from” or that I did not need to “save myself” (as I kept using flying to save others in my dream?)?

It will be very interesting to see if these dreams will reappear in a near future.


How often do you dream about flying? Is it mainly in dreams or nightmares? Exploring or escaping?


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