Materials in dreams

What are your takes on materials presented in dreams? Object can be one thing and have a big symbolic meaning (or so I would like to think). And as discussed in an earlier post colours seem as they can also mean something. But what about materials?


Last night I dreamt my two closest friends had rented a house in Bali in a place apparently called Tuli? On a peninsula, by the beach anyhow. They asked us to come visit and join them but that there was no room for us (my boyfriend and I) in the house so we had to stay at a hotel nearby. We booked and when going to fly down there no one wanted to fly with me so I took a separate flight down. I sat in a kind of “cabin room” where there were seats for around 20 people. I was the only one there for the first part of the flight. Halfway through we were going to do a landing to pick up more passengers. The first part of the flight I sat completely naked as I was all alone and I so clearly remember what a hassle it was and the frustration I felt having to get dressed for the middle landing as I was to have company in my “cabin” section.

As I arrived to Bali I remember only 2 concrete situations. The first one where I went paragliding and was just looking over the city flying around. The second was more strange. I was (with my friends) decorating 3 Christmas trees whereof 2 were plastic and 1 in glass (completely in glass, but looked like a real tree plant until you touched it). Aparently we were to keep one of the plastic ones and sell the glass one…


As I woke up I tried to understand why the relevance of the glass seemed to be such a central moment in my dream? I remember touching and listening to the sound it made when my nails touched it to make sure it really was glass.

Perhaps as my boyfriend is a glassblower? Or more symbolically as glass is transparent (highlighting the same symbolism as the fact that I was naked, exposed, on the airplane?). Or that glass is very fragile and delicate?


If so, then is it reflecting me currently? Am I scared of being exposed? Am I in a delicate fragile situation? Stressed?


Honestly I think I am more stressing for others in my surrounding currently than myself.


Any ideas?


(an artpiece made only in candy)


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