Dream in Black & White?

My grandma was talking to me the other day about black and white movies and photographies and how she misses all those old movies.

I started to think about dreams, and I forgot to ask her, has she ever dreamt in black and white? Does anyone?

As I came home I looked up some studies and reports and on other blogs where apparently it is not as uncommon as you may think that people actually dream in black and white. Though it seems to be most common for people who watched black and white movies and media, than the current younger generations, which to me also would make sense. Of course I can imagine that certain parts of dreams where some aspects and locations are not very relevant to the story line may be remembered as colourless, as compared to certain central objects where the colour played an important role.

Have you ever dreamt in black and white? 

I cannot recall myself ever having dreamt in black and white though as mentioned above colourless buildings and streets have been present in the backgrounds sometimes. Maybe it also sets the mood or atmosphere? Dark, cold, gloomy?



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