Cheap or cautious?

Here’s a dream I had earlier. It seems to be an ongoing theme that I am being cheap to myself and others? Read and see what you would interpret from this dream…

It all started with a skiing trip. My neighbour (let us call her Rose) and my boyfriend (let’s call him Henrik here) included. Before heading up to the alps to stay at my boyfriends cottage, we are down in the town and I’m asked to go buy a pack of milk for our coffee time. I walk alone to the store, scan the milk shelf to find the cheapest I can find and end up buy the cheapest milk, 5 cents difference. Felt like a good saving. Whilst walking up to the counter to pay I spot a “bargain, lowered prices” corner by the vegetable section. They have cola zero for only 1€ each and grapes for 1€. I pick up 5 colas but then put 3 of them back on the rack. 2 is enough I tell myself.  I then realise we are having a wine & cheese evening in the mountains and everyone has to contribute with something. I straight away think that buying the grapes now would be a great contribution from my side and a cheap way out. But after picking up the grapes I notice that there was a good reason why they were being sold cheap as half of them were no longer a bright green colour but rather mushy and brown.

We have our coffee, milk and pastries Henriks maid starts clearing the table along with the milk I bought and brings it all back to Henriks place, before we had a chance to drink it all up. I feel the milk was so expensive that I have to go back and get it before we take off into the mountains. I manage to sneak into the apartment whilst it was unlocked. However as I am making my way around the corner towards the kitchen two pair of squinting eyes look straight at me. I freeze for a moment and quickly make up an excuse that I forgot a sock in his room. She looks sceptically at me but nods her head slowly. I go into his room, find and steal the key, open his window, then lock the door to his room (this will all later in the story not actually have played any meaning as I never ended up going back through the window for the milk…).

We now travel up to the mountains and manage to ski for one whole day, but half of us thought the ski passes were too expensive to ski more days.

Rose, her brother and I then take an evening walk in the mountain village (where there was no snow). All roads are cobblestone. Along the main road I see a 1€ coin glimmering on the sidewalk. I look around and then quickly and sneakily pick it up and place it in my pocket. As we continue walking I then find yet another coin, and another… and it’s not only euros anymore. I find myself finding Swedish crowns. I feel slightly guilty and egocentric taking all the money for myself so I pretend as I see the first coin and point to Rose’s brother. He gets very exited and picks up a few of the coins lying in the spot. Slightly further ahead I then start to find absurd amounts of money and a few of them are now as big as an apple in diameter and it says “jubilee” on them. On our right we pass a park with a fence around it. On the fence I see two briefcases. I panik. My breath speeds up, my pupils dilate, my muscles stiffen. What if they all belong to this guy who is soon back for his briefcases and he realises I have stolen all his money???

Just as my previous dream it ends in a dramatic scene where I panic that someone will find out I stole something. What does this mean? Have I done something illegal?


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