Political dreams?

My first blog post. A little scary I must say. Recently I have been dreaming a lot about Stockholm (where I am currently living) and many of the locations I have been dreaming about will be mentioned. Perhaps remembering specific places is significant in my dreams at the moment? As I do not always recall specific locations.

I have 2 recalled dreams from the other night. The first is unfortunately mostly blurry though I remember the last scene, whereas my last dream is still crystal clear.

Dream 1 (the last scene I recall):

Sitting on the blue-line subway in Stockholm from Hjulsta to Fridhemsplan, zoned out in a bubble, my mind rabbling and repeating random words, numbers and phrases over and over again like a robot. I guess that is how, stepping out of the subway after not having been very attentive to my surroundings, I sudden jump in my heart rate occurs as I realise I am all alone. The platform is empty and dark. I spin around myself twice, and still, no one. I feel a sudden chill running down my spine and my body tensing up. I take one, then two steps forwards towards the exit. I clench my fists together and look at the art on the subway walls around me, splattered colours of paint on the grey background surface.  

I keep walking ahead, my eyes quickly  moving back and forth to detect any movements. Out of nowhere as I turn the corner up to the escalator dussins of military dressed men have their guns pointed straight at me, with the red aiming laser shining on my stomach, chest and face. I freeze. Stop breathing. 

A wave of calming and pacifying feeling flushes over me and the biggest alleviating feeling as I realise that OF COURSE…. it is one of these military training anti-terrorist days. Testing the fast responses if a sudden raid is to be made. It’s so early in the morning, around 5am, so no wonder I am the only one out there. This is to become part of the normal daily scenes for the citizens of Stockholm in the near future. So with a confident posture and feeling I fearlessly strut upp the corridor with all eyes and weapons pointed at me.

Once again I feel a paralysing cold shower flowing down my head, spine and down to my feet. What if they will frisk me and find illegal things I am coincidently in possession of today?

Could this possibly reflect some inner thoughts on the new political situations in the world? Terrorist attacks, Trump along with other more radical political situations that are on the uprise?

Could the blue subway colour be of some importance (political right wing?)? Or the grey walls in the subway, with the spattered pain in various colours (just as gun shot blood splatter?)? The subway scenery in general?

What illegal object was I in possession of? Does my subconscious think I have done something I shouldn’t have in real life and I’m scared I will get caught?

Do you also dream of political situations?

My next post I will share my more detailed dream with a completely different theme. A dream where I will expose and reveal more about my personal self to you. A side I am not always so proud of, but I guess that may be a reason my dreams are trying to deal with it or at least remind me of them?



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