Dear readers,

Welcome to my new blog. A blog I hope to engage all readers and make everyone feel as though no dreams are too crazy or insane. We all dream, however some people seem to be able to recall their dreams more frequently than others. I seem to be able to recall most of my dreams, some down to astonishing details. For me they are like little interesting short stories.

I will share my dreams and hope you will feel inclined to share yours with us as well. I would love feedback and thoughts upon these posts. What would life be without communication, sharing and discussions?

Moreover I will try incorporate some philosophical and discussions to the blog such as: what is a dream? Can we provoke a certain dream? Do different individuals dream with more/less of some of the 5 senses than others? Do dreams always reflect something from our memory or experience? Can dreams really have a meaning?

I will see you soon again, and who knows, maybe in my dreams!


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